Friday, March 4, 2011

I've Accepted It...

This is NOT me.

I am NEVER going to win the Boston Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, or even the local 5K.

There...I've said it....I feel better!!!

I'm VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY competitive!  I'm the annoying girl who will up my speed because the person on the treadmill next to me checked my speed...or will sprint at the end of a marathon to beat 1 more person.

Today my goal for the gym started at 5 miles at 8 mins/mile. But once I started, I was feeling HOT!  Not the normal hot, but extreme about-to-pass-out HOT.  I think the gym didn't get the message that it was almost 60 degrees outside and still had the heat on.  Anyways, I wanted to stop, but I was being my normal competitive self. 

Then, as I'm running I look up to the t.v. and hear that a 16 year old boy had a heart attack and died on the basketball court.  My heart goes out to that family.  Those stories always hit home because my sister has a heart defect, but we didn't find out till she was in high school.  That story could have easily been her...thank goodness it isn't.  But I thought about the young boy with his whole life ahead of him, and the family who is grieving, and it made me slow down for a second. 

So I walked...and then ran...and then walked...and then ran...and then walked.  And then ran, but this time I got my second wind and was able to save my time a little bit (finished 4 miles with some walking at 33:30) but that wasn't important to me.  

I accepted it...I'm not going to win the Boston Marathon (although I did once win the Bass Lake Indiana may or may not be because the leading group of men took a wrong turn...but I got lead to the finish line by the police car and it was GREAT...I digress)...but I have two beautiful, sweet daughters in the childcare that are waiting for me to come pick them when my body is telling me to slow down, for the first time I will.

That is, until this summer when I start training to qualify for Boston again....then I'll return to the obnoxious, sweaty girl on the treadmill!

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