Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running Wish List

Have you seen the new Nike+ Sportswatch with Garmin?

It looks awesome!  My favorite feature is that you can just touch the screen to go to the next lap!  That'd be so nice right around mile 24 of a marathon when literally lifting your arm to set the next lap feels like a huge undertaking!

I think I'll give Nike a call and let them know how much I like it...maybe they'll send me on!  ;)

In other words, this weekend is my first half-marathon since having my second daughter.  Before kids, my goal was always under 1:45 for a half.  This time around, my goal is to walk minimally and have a lot of fun...and if I come in under 1:59:59 I'll be pretty happy!  Either way, I'll be ready for a cold beer after the race!

The race is Hawthorn Woods 1/2 and this is only the second year for the race.  The course seems pretty nice with lots of different things to keep me occupied during the race (trees, streets, homes, etc).  I'm looking forward to putting my racing shoes on and getting back out there...and then taking a few weeks off before my marathon training begins!

Happy Running!!!!


  1. Trying not to walk and you got second place! You are an all star. Maybe that watch should be your mother's day gift! :)