Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do You DM????

Daily Mile. 

One of the greatest things I found since running.  It's a site full of runners (and bikers, walkers, swimmers, etc) cheering on other runners.  I heart it!

When I first starting running, I ran in Chicago with a group called CARA.  Me and hundreds of my closest friends out there running every morning.  I found so much inspiration and motivation through other members.

Now I'm a the burbs....with 2 kids.....and a crazy schedule.  So running with a group is out the window.  My hubby golfs.  My kids have dance, gymnastics, birthday parties, etc.  And we still try to have a social life.  So running is "whenever I can get it in."  Most times it's Sunday morning, but it may be Sunday evening, Saturday morning, or an awesome Friday night followed by wine and a firepit!  :)

So I have found  I log my runs.  But I also find so much inspiration and motivation.  People actually take time to tell me "great run".  And I learn about so many fun races, racing gear, etc.

On Sunday my dad and I will be at the Grand Rapids starting line...and I have a whole bunch of DM friends who will be out there with me.  It would be cool to meet them!!!  If you run, you should DM!  You WILL be inspired!

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