Sunday, February 6, 2011

Treadmill Limits. Dislike, Dislike, Dislike.

Actually, I respect the idea of having a treadmill time limit (my gym is 30 minutes)...but I dislike it during the months of January and February.  The whole "new year's resolution" is great...I love to make a new year resolution perfectly aware that it probably won't stick.  However, anyone who has been going to gyms for years knows that the months of January and February are full of 2 month gym members! 

I'm a mom.  If I leave my kids at home, I'm on a pretty tight limit before I need to be home!  So I sort of depend hope on my treadmill to be open.

Today a "newbie" decided to get the front desk to start kicking everyone off the treadmills, yet there was no line!  My solution?  I decided to run for 30 minutes, then get off my treadmill and use those 5 minutes for water and light stretching, then sign myself right back onto my treadmill.  Hey, I followed the rules (sort-of).  I did get a look from the "newbie"...but she'll be gone in a few weeks so that's okay!

(And I should mention again, I am always so proud of anyone who joins a gym, no matter the time of month....I just really, really, really like my treadmill schedule not to be disrupted.  Having kids, if I get to the gym and the treadmills are full, I'm off to the bike.  Still great exercise....but not the same.)

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  1. I feel like they should have long distance running treadmills! I hate the 30 minute time limit!