Saturday, February 19, 2011

We now return to our regularly scheduled program

Running took a backseat this week....but it was for a good, great, AMAZING reason!

I have a very short bucket list.
1.  Go to Europe
2.  Go see Oprah

Last Friday I got an email that I had gotten tickets for....

OPRAH!  But the "catch"...I had to read Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations in 6 days!  You will be happy to know, I did it...almost.  (The last 100 pages of Great Expections may have been read in "Cliff Note" form.)  I tacked it using multiple media devices:  book, book on CD, and book on Itunes.  My plan was to read it when I could, and listen to it when I was working, cleaning, etc.

Running and listening to Charles Dickens isn't the easier thing...I required me to slow down so I could focus!  But I have to say, it made my run go fast!  My dad runs LOTS and listens to books on his itunes on most of his long I get it (sort of...I often got distracted and had to rewind...and speaking of rewind, am I dating myself by using that word????).

So, I got off track last week....but I am now down to 1 thing on my bucket list! 

Last night my hubby took me out for an amazing dinner to celebrate my birthday and we talked and talked and talked (it was amazing how much we could talk without the kids there) and we decided to add to our bucketlist!!!!  My first new addition:  Marine Corp Marathon!!!!!!

My bucketlist:
1.  Go to Europe.
2.  See Oprah.
3.  Marine Corp Marathon

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